Jordanetics Week: Day 2

I don’t think many of Jordan B. Peterson’s fans have any clue how totally and utterly irrelevant both he, and his pernicious advice, are going to be in the coming years. I find it particularly amusing when his cargo cultists refer to him as a warrior when the man is literally the most frightened bunny rabbit whose work I have ever read. Jordan B. Peterson isn’t merely a physical and intellectual coward, his entire philosophy is based on cowardice and the absolute need to flee from confrontation.

Even the Littlest Chickenhawk, a notorious coward of epic proportions, has more spine than the Canadian Charlatan.

I thought a little more about Peterson’s challenge to the “Alt-Right idealogues” that he is absolutely terrified of ever facing directly, and it occurs to me that my response could have been more succinct. All I really needed to say was this: “You and your advocacy of atomic individualism are entirely irrelevant at this particular historical epoch. Your assertions are even less coherent and less credible than Francis Fukuyama’s idiotic claim that humanity has reached the end of history.”

Update: “God is the mode of being you value the most as demonstrated or manifested in your presumption, perception and action.”
– Jordan B. Peterson

Forget redefining truth, now he is redefining God and deifying idolatry. I told you the man was objectively stupid.