Darkstream: an Alt-Right response to Jordan Peterson

Now we’re getting fancy, with videos within videos! I also take a series of questions at the end. From the transcript.

For Peterson to say that it is honorable and the least self-deceptive to simply accept the mass invasion of over 100 million people, to address the largest invasion in all of human history by being noble, and individual, and leading a meaningful life, is such obvious nonsense that it almost defies description.

You know I am getting very, very tired of people talking about Peterson as if he’s some sort of sage, or prophet, or even a reasonably intelligent man. This guy is a nutcase, this guy is objectively stupid, this guy is an embarrassment to the very concept of an intellectual academic. I mean, imagine if he had given that advice to the people of Poland, imagine that he had given that advice to George Washington, or Cincinnatus, or Julius Caesar, or any other great man of history! Literally every one of any note in history rejected the concept of going down to noble individual defeat. Jesus Christ himself summoned 12 disciples, there is even the Buddha, who rejected,the world and saw it all as maya, illusion, even he had his closest and dearest companions who helped him with his life’s work as he pursued his search for nirvana.

So what Peterson is saying is absolute and utter nonsense, and to sum up my response to him, I have a single quote from a man who understood identity politics much better than anyone, and that was this man, the founder of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. He masterfully managed a very difficult situation with a small civic polity that was surrounded and dominated by much larger, more powerful neighbors, and was in a difficult position with different competing religious and ethnic groups, and the way that he addressed identity politics was forthright, it was based on reality, and it was absolutely true.

He said, “in multiracial societies you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion” and that is exactly what we have seen ever since non-Anglo immigrants began entering the United States of America. The Irish voted for what they believed was good for the Irish, the Jews voted for what was good for the Jews, the Catholics did exactly the same thing, and now we’re seeing the Muslims do it. Obviously we’ve been seeing the blacks do it; all these different groups vote in accordance with their race and their religion, and that is not just a response to Jordan Peterson, that is a rebuke and that is a comprehensive rebuttal from a man, who, unlike Jordan
Peterson, actually knows and understands history.

Now I’m going to show you another video because this is going to demonstrate the fact that Jordan Peterson is, intellectually speaking, a joke. The guy is not that intelligent, the guy is totally unable to even deal with a very easy question when it’s presented to him by a comedian. This guy is such a joke that he is not even able to deal with a very, very simple question or to stand up and support the rights of free association even though he claims to value the individual.

UPDATE: Sweet Saint Jung, but Peterson fans are remarkably stupid.

I stopped watching Vox for several months due to his constant attacks on Peterson. Vox is correct that Peterson acts like a cuck, but what he doesn’t realise is that Peterson uses philosophy and psychology better than anyone to liberate both left and right brainwashed sheep, and as a result stays above politics.

The amazing thing is that these unmitigated morons publicly assert that Peterson is “above politics” while he is literally working for the United Nations and relentlessly pushing its globalist line. One Peterson defender claims Peterson isn’t a philosopher and shouldn’t be judged by philosophical standards while the next claims he uses philosophy “better than anyone”. They are almost as incoherent as their crazy christ-figure himself.

At this point, I consider Marxists, vegans, and gamma nerds to be less delusional than Peterson fans. No wonder they consider being told to clean their rooms to be an earth-shattering new philosophical concept. One hopes that in his next 12 Rules he can tell them to shower more than once every three weeks. Peterson’s ground-breaking advice, such as it is, doesn’t even rise to the level of Flavor Flav’s back in the early 90s.