The Trumpslide cometh

There will be no “blue wave”. The Republicans will hold the House and Senate. And this sort of political campaign is why.

All the SJWs exclaim, “What a beautiful family!” Meanwhile, all the civilized people shake their heads at the degraded state of the USA and vote for anyone or anything that stands against it.

The ad includes the Maryland Democrat talking about how he plans to stand up to Trump and lists several things he has already done to ‘infuriate’ the President.

‘What’s the number one way I p**s off Donald Trump and the Republicans?’ he asks before kissing his husband Mark Hodge on the lips.

He then says: ‘Take that, Trump!’

The couple’s two children, Katie and Jackson, are also featured in the ad as they sit on the front lawn outside their home. The ad also includes Madaleno talking about how he has stood up to Trump’s agenda by defending Planned Parenthood and supporting an assault weapons ban.

Democrats proudly stand for gays, blacks, murdering children, and disarming the American people. That’s a pretty good platform against which to run.