The Winestream

First, I would like to point out that some of you are unmitigated freaks. Second, I’m not eating anything after midnight; I have worked hard to get down to my post-college fighting weight and I’m not about to blow that. Third, I gave the matter some thought, and I realized that when one is in the YouTube arena, one must do as the YouTubers do. I therefore concluded that there is one area of personal interest that coincided with what people apparently enjoy watching, and it’s something that I am entirely willing to do, nay, I regularly do anyhow, after midnight.

Scott Adams drinks coffee in the morning, I drink wine at night.

Ours not to reason, fine.
Ours but to drink red wine.

So, if you all come up with $500 in Voxiversity or StreamLabs donations in the next week, I will institute a weekly Winestream, which will consist of me reviewing a wine live for the viewership, complete with the bottle. A contribution of $50/the cost of the bottle (whatever is more) will allow a viewer to suggest a specific wine for me to review, with the caveat that I am based in Europe and cheap American wines like Night Train and Ernst & Julio Gallo are not available here.

Since I have no idea how anyone would talk more than five minutes about a wine, this will merely be an intro to the rest of the Darkstream, which I will cleverly attempt to tie to something to do with the place where the grapes involved came from. Or perhaps I’ll just talk about current events. Regardless, the initial Winestream will be tonight.