Yes, yes, that does sound weird

I don’t even know what to do with this YouTube comment.

It might sound weird but I wish Vox would put aside all of this intellectual stuff and do one of those videos where he just eats a cheeseburger on camera or something. Like don’t even say anything, just sit down and dig into a burger. I would watch the fuck out of that. There are people who do only that and they get millions of views. Then once in awhile he could go back to making a video of intellectual content, but after hooking in a brand new audience with videos where he eats pasta or whatever. It could be anything. Something indigenously Italian. I think this appeals to me because I can’t really picture it, so it would be entertaining and interesting to see. Like I could easily imagine Molyneux chewing on a bagel or having a smoothie or something. So that wouldn’t really interest me. I just can’t imagine Vox eating anything. I’m sure he does eat; he would have to. I just can’t really imagine it, though. I wish he would do it. 

The video medium is bad enough as it is. I didn’t know it was even necessary to draw a line, but I definitely draw one at making eating fetish videos.