ABC’s corporate cancer

Tom Arnold estimates the losses from ABC’s reaction to a single tweet:

“ABC lost maybe $1 billion from this; this show was grinding out money hand over fist and they lost it all because somebody didn’t say, ‘Get that phone out of her hand,’” Arnold tells THR.

No, it’s all because someone didn’t say, “Who cares what Roseanne says on Twitter? We don’t.” And the losses could be more than that.

Not only will “Roseanne” fans never see season two of the show’s hit revival, the original series will now be harder to catch in syndication. Viacom is pulling the show’s reruns from its Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT channels, TODAY has confirmed. The syndication scheduling change, which follows ABC’s abrupt cancellation of the popular series’ recent revival, will go into effect on Wednesday.

Now, I could not possibly care less about a show that I have never seen at any point in my life, but it is a very important lesson in the willingness, nay, the eagerness, of the SJWs to cut their own throats in order to virtue-signal.

And if they’ll cut their own throats, they certainly won’t hesitate to try to cut yours. Never assume you are fully anti-fragile, never assume you are too big to take down, and never assume they will put their monetary interests before their virtue-signaling imperative.