12 things I learned from 12 Rules of Life

So, I finished the book and took a reasonable amount of notes, although considerably fewer than I would have anticipated. This is not my review, which I’ll probably post on Monday, merely a list of things I noted directly from the book rather than from interviews, videos, or statements by his fans or detractors.

12 Things I learned from reading 12 Rules for Life: A Darkstream

  1. Jordan Peterson is doing philosophy and religion, not psychology or science.
  2. Jordan Peterson is a gamma male and a physical coward
  3. Jordan Peterson is a man who is psychologically scarred by tragedy. This is probably why he believes both life and evil are primarily defined by suffering. He has really suffered and he genuinely merits an amount of pity.
  4. Jordan Peterson is not a man of the Right
  5. Jordan Peterson is not a Christian
  6. Jordan Peterson does not understand evil
  7. Jordan Peterson doesn’t entirely believe in individual responsibility.
  8. Jordan Peterson does not know what chaos is.
  9. Jordan Peterson does not follow his own advice.
  10. Jordan Peterson does not have a good grasp of either science or history.
  11. Jordan Peterson’s perspective is shaped by Holocaustianity.
  12. Jordan Peterson is a moderate who worships balance.
UPDATE: Link to video added.