A Red Swan

With apologies to NN Taleb. A Red Swan is a neologism describing an event that literally everyone, except the idiot left-wingers responsible for its occurrence, saw coming:

Regional police statistics show that 56.9 per cent of crime in the German town Sigmaringen was committed by asylum seekers last year. The figures reflect ‘real crimes’ as offences of breaking migration laws were excluded, newspaper Schwäbische reports.

Crime, especially drug-related crimes (+69.6{c765cef31248bdf9727e0d9ed37c3833bec162074a6cb2d3654476e6b63f536e}) and shoplifting (+44.8{c765cef31248bdf9727e0d9ed37c3833bec162074a6cb2d3654476e6b63f536e}), has risen sharply due to migrant criminality. But other more serious crimes increased significantly, as well, such as street crimes (+33.5{c765cef31248bdf9727e0d9ed37c3833bec162074a6cb2d3654476e6b63f536e}), assault (+39.5{c765cef31248bdf9727e0d9ed37c3833bec162074a6cb2d3654476e6b63f536e}) and sexual offences (+14.7{c765cef31248bdf9727e0d9ed37c3833bec162074a6cb2d3654476e6b63f536e}).

Therefore the region’s Ministry of the Interior has now developed a security plan for Sigmaringen, a special group of investigators. The group recently arrested 21 multiple offenders among the asylum seekers.

Gratulieren, Sigmaringenen! Your reward for your do-goodery is the more-than-doubling of your crime rate. Please to enjoy the additional shopliftings and rapes.