Mailvox: speaking of gammas

Some of Jordan Peterson’s fans have been leaving comments on yesterday’s Darkstream. They are informative, to put it mildly.

  • You are clearly not efficient to understand the depth of Jordan. You look more like an autistic 13 year old.. old man that tries to get publicity points. That’s why you are interested on Peterson. Isn’t it? You just heard about Peterson few days ago and you were able to listen to his lectures? Probably not. You are too busy thinking how to get subscribers. Learn to be humble and recognize where you can move with your limited intellectual skill. What a pity. 
  • Jordan Peterson is very intelligent and has a very impressive resume. You are unimpressive and lie about having a high IQ. Let’s see those SAT scores. 
  • [Vox] obviously took a standardized test and did not end up at a high quality university. He is the type of person who would definitely brag about membership in the Triple Nine Society or even Mensa, which accept college entrance scores for admission because those tests correlate to IQ. He is also a bully who is attacking the integrity of an extremely high quality person. So I am simply pointing out to his naive followers that it is extremely easy to prove an IQ score and that being called on this is Vox Day’s worst fear. He will never provide proof and will block anybody who suggests it.
  • I don’t care about JP’s position on Jewish intelligence other than Vox Day’s inability to articulate that position prior to attacking him. I’m not going to repeat the flaws in his reasoning that I’ve already posted on his last few videos. If there is a turd in the punchbowl, I’m not going to even discuss what is least impressive about the other ingredients. 
  • He should either show the data or stop using his IQ as though it were an argument. His lie about being in Mensa was disturbing in multiple ways, since they claim he’s never been a member and also he apparently didn’t know that they’re only top 2{c765cef31248bdf9727e0d9ed37c3833bec162074a6cb2d3654476e6b63f536e}. He attended a lower tier liberal arts school, and he has lived a liberal arts life. I have dealt with high IQ people for decades, and other than perhaps the verbal section I see no signs that Vox Day is even in the ballpark.
  • Being a lunatic in his particular environment may be a good thing. If you are Bruce Wayne living among the lunatics of Gotham, putting on the mask may be the best way to deal with them. 
  • Big words for someone who has a habit of spamming anyone who expresses disagreement with his views on his blog. Methinks that Peterson would chew ya up in a real time debate though, unfortunately, we shall never witness such a debate for you are way bellow his level to warrant any attention from him.

To be clear, I was not only a member of Mensa, but was also a National Merit Semifinalist. I simply don’t brag about either. (It’s amusing how no one knows about Mensa since I ended my column; remember when mentioning that membership in my bio was inevitably equated with bragging about it?) I suppose it should come as no surprise that a supporter of the integrity-challenged Jordan Peterson would so readily resort to blatant and easily disproven lies. But not everyone was so angrily defensive, and it is apparent that at least some of Peterson’s fans are beginning to see past the bilious haze of verbose bullshit that the man spews like a squid attempting to hide its retreat.

  • Doesn’t this speak to the apparent truth that millions of people are mentally unhealthy then? Can we at least say then that Peterson’s work is very important in helping unhealthy people step out of their illness and into a more functional existence? I’m not saying you’re wrong about Peterson, in fact sadly I think you’re right. But I’m more saying that if his philosophy is the “methadone” for heroin addicts, then is it alright to see it as such? I’ll be the first to say if I was a “heroin addict” and that I’ll take the “methadone” route in order to gain enough strength to take the next step. 
  • I was a fan before, but watching you take down that self righteous blowhard is worth the price of admission. “The baleful eye of the dark lord is fixed firmly upon Mr Peterson”
  • I’ve listened to a lot of JP and it got boring fast. If you’ve watched a semester of his lectures you’ve pretty much listened to everything he’s said. Even his analysis of the bible mostly says all the same stuff but with slightly different context. Mostly he seems to reference Jung, Nietzsche, Solzhenitsyn and Dostoevsky. Read them and you’ve pretty much read JP. Aside from quickly becoming repetitive he also always avoided the tough questions. Seemed like he was too busy going on a speaking tour than to flesh out his thoughts or do research so he could eventually answer those tough questions. I started to see him as being more intellectually lazy as time went on. Honestly he seems to be acting more and more like an SJW as people press him on these tough questions.
  • As an European and someone looking from the outside in… The fact that Sam Harris is considered a “public intellectual” in the US really makes me worry about what bar you guys set for “public intellectuals” and how low that bar is situated.
  • The biggest mistake that right-wingers make is elevate anyone who is not a complete sjw

I’ve read the first chapter of the 12 Rules for Life: The Crazy Man’s Guide for Functioning in Society. I never do partial reviews, so I will not say more than to observe that if the man had written Who Moved My Cheese, it would have been longer than a George R.R. Martin novel.