Right Ho, Jeeves #2

Arkhaven Comics is very pleased to be able to announce the release of its first Gold Logo edition comic, RIGHT HO, JEEVES #2: Hungry Hearts. As of the moment, it is only available from Castalia Books direct, but you can already order it from your local bookstore, though not from your local comic book store… yet.

As for Amazon, at this point, who knows….

Anyhow, Right Ho, Jeeves #2 is 24 pages and retails for $2.99.

Now, I know some Alt★Hero backers are wondering if we’re actually working on it, but believe me, we are. Every single day, including weekends. Precisely ZERO of the people working on these other comics are also involved with either the Alt★Hero or the Avalon comics. We’re using these early releases to shake out the various bugs in the process and answer questions like “what paper can we use”, “to what extent can we push the margins”, “what retail price do we need to set in order to prevent the distribution database from discount-blocking us” and various other ones that literally no one could answer for us. Some of these things require experiments and we did not want to experiment with our primary products.

Which, by the way, is why I can tell you that both Alt★Hero and Avalon single issues will be published in the royal octavo size (same as Jeeves and QM) and will retail for $2.99.