Facebook tracks non-users

They might as well go ahead and shut Facebook down now, given the latest revelations and those that are still to come. The number of laws that Zuckerberg’s company has broken must be in the triple digits by now:

Facebook’s problems just keep accumulating, drip by drip—or more like splash by splash. It’s now been discovered that Facebook not only collects and uses the personal data of its members but also collects the data of those who never signed up for Facebook.

So if you’re one of those who blames Facebook users for allowing their personal data to be compromised, don’t be so smug. Facebook may be sharing your personal data as well.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor, senior staff technologist at the ACLU, discovered that, although he never joined Facebook or any other social network, Facebook has a detailed profile on him.

Facebook obtains information from those not on Facebook in two different ways: from other Facebook users and by tracking people who visit other other sites on the web.

I can’t believe Trump hasn’t taken this opportunity to booster his popularity by coming out hard against Big Social yet. He must be occupied with something even more important….