But what about the economy?

Clearly the West cannot permit the Israelis to deprive their economy of the benefit of these tens of thousands of hard-working immigrants who are merely seeking a better life for them and their children.

Israel has announced it will cancel its plans to deport tens of thousands of African migrants after a deal was agreed to send 16,000 of them to Western countries.

A minimum of 16,250 migrants will be resettled in Canada, Italy, Germany and other Western nations under the agreement announced in a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

Under the deal with the UNHCR, Israel said it plans to relocate more than 16,000 migrants to Western countries.

‘This is a unique agreement between the UN commissioner and the state of Israel, that takes 16,250 people out, takes them out to developed countries like Canada, or Germany and Italy – that is the commitment the UN High Commissioner has made – to organise it and even to fund it,’ Netanyahu said on live television.

The God-Emperor should inform Prime Minister Netanyahu that the USA will subsequently be providing all of its aid to Israel in the form of economy-boosting immigrants. I understand there are a few thousand candidates on their way from Central America.