Anonymous Conservative, take a victory lap

Science is gradually confirming his amygdala-based theory of politics:

Psychologists conducted brain scans on a total of 93 adults (first they studied 48 Caucasian adults, 58{e4703c56c4188c228685943b148064279a37085e2b6bbaf4ff431841da5c8102} of whom were female, and then replicated the effects with 45 adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds, 67{e4703c56c4188c228685943b148064279a37085e2b6bbaf4ff431841da5c8102} of whom were female) and found that the size of the bilateral amygdala, which governs emotions, survival instincts, and memory, was strongly correlated with support for the existing social order.

This mindset is known as “system justification,” and is highly correlated with conservatism, says Jay Van Bavel, professor of psychology and neural science at New York University. “A system-justifying psychological orientation favours the social, economic, and political status quo, and may promote vigilance to social hierarchy and a preference for ideologies that characterize extant inequality as legitimate and necessary,” explain the authors in the paper, published in December in Nature Human Behavior. The study evaluated this by the system justification scale, which poses questions such as, “In general, you find society to be fair,” and “Everyone has a fair shot at wealth and happiness.”

Earlier research (notably one paper co-authored by the actor Colin Firth) found a link between conservatism and the volume of the right amygdala, with higher volume linked to conservatism. Van Bavel says his research found that system justification, more than specific political ideology or the tendency to legitimize economic inequality under capitalism, was the strongest indicator of variations in the size of the amygdala.

The authors followed up with 20 participants and found that those with larger amygdalas were less likely to take part in protests. “Although the sample size was small, this link between amygdala volume and protest behaviour provides initial evidence that the amygdala may not only be related to beliefs about society but also willingness to take action to change certain aspects of the social system,” note the authors.

This is why you simply cannot fix SJWs. It’s no more possible than trying to make them taller, or smarter. Their shrunken, tiny little brains are the problem.