A Hollywood hit?

The Hollywood Values crowd apparently doesn’t want Corey Feldman talking anymore as accusations of child abuse swirl around a major Nickelodeon producer:

Corey Feldman has been hospitalised after being stabbed by a man in what he claims to be a ‘revenge attack’ after his allegations about sexual abuse in Hollywood.

The actor tweeted two pictures of himself in a hospital bed and revealed the attack happened while his security guards were distracted.

Three men approached him while he was out in public, before another man pulled up in his vehicle.

Now, Feldman is shady enough that one can be excused for being a little suspicious about the nature of the attack. I certainly would not put it past him to stage something like this for attention. But if it was a legitimate attack, then it is a clear message being sent to all the young actors and actresses who were abused by people in Hollywood.

Which is why they are better off talking immediately, openly, and loudly to every media outlet that will listen. Otherwise, they will be quietly silenced, one way or another, as has been happening for decades.

UPDATE: Apparently not.

Desperate for more funds, this former child/teen actor who was mostly in movies is resorting to cheap publicity stunts to try and raise more money from what he hopes is a gullible public. Those vacations aren’t going to pay for themselves. 

I think it’s safe to assume the reference is to the unfortunate Mr. Feldman.