72 minutes

While the media once more goes through its futile routine of attempting to push gun control on a population that absolutely is not having it, the more important lesson to be learned is the incredible tardiness of the police response. It seems the old joke about how when seconds count, the police are minutes away needs to be updated; in an emergency situation, you can be certain the police will be there to pick up the pieces in just 72 minutes.

A partial transcript of the full scanner audio:

  • Minute 15: they have identified room 135 on 32nd floor. But then reported 29th and 32nd floor. Security officer shot in leg on 32nd floor.
  • Minute 19: they had 4-man team on 32nd floor, another 4-man team arriving. Reporting definitively a 2nd shooter. Problem – police lacked rifles.
  • Minute 70: need roll call of personnel in Mandalay and strike team. 2 strike teams 13 officers total. All units SWAT use tac 1
  • Minute 71: control Zebra 20 – on suspects door – need everyone in hallway prepared to pop door — all units move back SWAT has explosive device — breach breach breach — SWOOOOSH!
  • Minute 72: has anyone covered airport — two shots fired in park area of New York New York
  • Minute 73: Have influx of returning ambulances any other area they need to respond to – Sending two teams Excaliber
  • Minute 74: Control 374 I have medics reporting getting shot at Tropicana — need strike team to the Tropica — announce yourself if you are going there — Unit 20 – entered room have one suspect down – Zebra has one suspect down in room