No mercy for the Alt-Retards

I suggest you keep this in mind the next time you ask me to lay off the grunting, low-IQ left-wing trolls that make up the Alt-Reich.

Spacebunny isn’t the least bit fazed, of course, she’s been blowing off losers like this her entire life. But that’s the reality of what the Alt-Retard is. It’s not an accident either. Here is advice from the Anglin’s Style Guide.

Women should be attacked, but there should always be mention that if it wasn’t for the Jews, they would be acting normally.

So, you see, these nasty little creatures are not merely disgusting, they are strategically hopeless. They actively repulse women even when they aren’t openly trying to sexually harass them. As Nate and other Men of the West pointed out from the start, they are observably worse than useless.

Don’t bother trying to argue for them here. To quote Ivan Throne, your cries for mercy fall on deaf ears. VFM, he’s all yours if you can track him down. Send me the usual dossier when you have it.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, Andrew Anglin claims that he’s going to show up for the debate at 11 AM Eastern on Saturday. Tara has yet to confirm that works for her, but I have agreed to it. I was merely planning to beat him before. Now, I’m motivated to actually do some preparation for it.

UPDATE: The post was deleted and the account was suspended. Which changes nothing.

UPDATE: Tara McCarthy announces the debate: Join us for a LIVE debate between @AndrewAnglin and @voxday on National Socialism and the Alt Right at Saturday 11 am Eastern time.