Christian civic nationalism

Would that the Christian churches had embraced this civic nationalist position rather than the cucked, anti-Biblical, globalist false Samaritanism that is their current creed. John C. Wright applies the Thomistic position to the immigration question:

No nation is required by God’s law to allow citizenship to any strangers not yet having the common good firmly at heart.

If divine law allows Mosiac law to forbid Ammonites and Moabite and other known enemies from being welcomed into fellowship, that is, citizenship, likewise the laws of a Christian nation can forbid Mohammedans from dwelling among them.

If divine law allowed Mosiac law to forbid friendly foreigners from being welcomed before the third generation, likewise the laws of a Christian nation can forbid the Christians who speak of different tongue, Mexicans and the like, from being granting the franchise to vote until their grandchildren have been born and raised here. Since this is roughly the amount of time it takes a group eager to acclimate and amalgamate into our customs and language to leave behind their Chinatowns and Little Italies and become true Americans, I see no evil in following the Thomist wisdom in that matter.

However, no matter how many generations pass, sad history has shown that children of Mohammedans born and raised in Western nations are too often still loyal to Sharia Law, to the brutal and vulgar practices of this alien and satanic religion, and too often are easily led to commit atrocities no votaries of civilized religions are wont to do.

The loyalty and the degree of Westernization by the first generation of Mohammedan immigrants has been proved by the harsh lesson of history to be immaterial.

Even if the grandfather is willing to be a citizen of a Western republic, or a subject of a Christian king, his grandchildren, upon reading the Alcoran and hearing the voice crying from the minaret, are subject to a strong temptation to forswear their civilian loyalties which, as history testifies, are simply not present in other faiths. It would be imprudent to assume that this temptation, which has operated often enough in times past to be noticeable, will sullenly and for no cause no longer influence future generations.

I would say that if three generations are required for citizenship, at least four generations are the bare minimum for political office, as that would have prevented Immanuel Celler, the man who is primarily responsible for the demographic destruction of the United States, from being elected to the House of Representatives and waging his successful 40-year jihad against White Christian America. All four of his grandparents were immigrants, thereby demonstrating the wisdom of permitting third-generation immigrants to set immigration policy.

Sadly, this sensible policy is no longer an option. The barn door cannot be barred after the horses escape. Which, of course, is why the civic nationalists, Christian or otherwise, are no longer relevant and the Alt-Right is inevitable. The fact is that the civic nationalists have never been willing to fight to defend or enforce their Proposition, but the Alt-Right is more than willing to fight to defend our various nations.