Foxholes: a poll

✌Red Pill Texas ?‏ @RedPillTexas

Leadership matters. If you were under fire in the foxhole. Would you want @RichardBSpencer, @Cernovich, or Vox by your side?

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I can see the case to be made for any of us. Richard, to his credit, is more than willing to put himself out front and take the shots on behalf of others. Whatever you might think of him or his ideas, I don’t think he’s given enough respect for his courage.

Mike is tough, aggressive and proactive. Physically, he’s the biggest and strongest of the three of us. He’s also rather more clever and observant than most people realize.

I tend to be lazy, remote, and tend to be considerably more interested in the abstract than the moment. On the other hand, I’m the only one of the three who is frequently compared to, if not described as, a serial killer.

So, I suppose it really depends what you’re looking for.