You must not think disapproved thoughts

The Denver Post fires the four-time Colorado sportswriter of the year for a single tweet:

The Denver Post has parted ways with writer Terry Frei after he shared an insensitive tweet following Sunday’s Indy 500 win by Takuma Sato. Sato became the first Japanese-born driver to win the Indianapolis 500 race.

“I am very uncomfortable with a Japanese driver winning the Indianapolis 500 during Memorial Day weekend,” Frei wrote before deleting the tweet.

The Denver Post issued the following statement:

“We apologize for the disrespectful and unacceptable tweet that was sent by one of our reporters. Terry Frei is no longer an employee of The Denver Post. It’s our policy not to comment further on personnel issues. The tweet doesn’t represent what we believe nor what we stand for. We hope you will accept our profound apologies.”

Frei apologized in his own separate statement:

“I fouled up,” Frei wrote. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I said when I said it. I should have known better and I regret it. I in no way meant to represent my employer and I apologize to The Denver Post.”

“I made a stupid reference, during an emotional weekend, to one of the nations that we fought in World War II,” he added.

His real mistake wasn’t apologizing – he was doomed anyhow – but in thinking that most Americans even remember who their ancestors fought in WWII, much less care. And remember, there are 85 million or so new post-1965 Paper Americans who don’t give a damn about WWII. If anything, their grandparents and great-grandparents were on the other side. It’s not only ancient history to them, but someone else’s ancient history.

Meanwhile, in Britain, Britain’s Got Talent spares a lad for his “sexist and racist” tweets because he is only 16, but gives him a severe warning:

A source told The Sun: ‘Producers were not happy when they saw he had posted such an inflammatory picture on his Twitter as well as a host of disparaging comments about women.

‘It’s not only a huge embarrassment for Ali, it’s a massive embarrassment for the show too, but producers decided on this occasion to give him the benefit of the doubt and leave him with a warning because he’s only 16. But they will not tolerate contestants using this kind of language as above all BGT celebrates diversity.’

What I would like to see is people start getting fired for publicly expressing views approving of diversity and equality, or other aspects of social justice. I suspect there are already more than a few SJWs not getting hired for that reason, but the Left won’t drop this tactic until right-wing executives respond in kind.

The point is, if you can legitimately be fired for expressing one point of view, you can certainly be fired for expressing the opposite perspective.