Darkstream: the assault on Trump

On tonight’s Darkstream, I discussed the massive Fake News offensive directed against the God-Emperor. I tend to agree with Heartiste’s observation:

I got to thinking what this reminds me of…women caught cheating. Confront a woman with incontrovertible evidence of her infidelity and she’ll be driven to hysterics, first denying the charge, then accusing you of distrusting her, then bashing you for being a horrible partner, then twisting your words to mean the opposite of what you mean to make herself look like the victim, then finally spitefully blaming you for pushing her into the arms of another man. The Gaystream Media is that cornered whore, presented with solid evidence of their journalistic malpractice and zero integrity shilling for the globohomo agenda, who, knowing its credibility is shot, lashes out with hysterical fury and film reels of psychological projection.