Hitler did nothing wrong

In tonight’s Darkstream, I addressed one of the more historically retarded statements we hear from time to time from trolls as well as the sincerely ignorant.

It’s hard to overestimate the stupidity of the Alt-White, which frequently confuses German supremacism for trans-white nationalism and lionizes a successful rhetorician who failed to learn from either his early successes or his subsequent failures, and in doing so managed to transform Germany from a likely global superpower into a conquered US satrapy for 70 years and counting.

The list of things that Hitler did wrong is considerably longer than the list of things he did right. I mean, successfully bluffing the French and British governments, and stabbing the Soviets in the back first, hardly makes up for a) launching a two-front war by b) invading Russia, then c) unnecessarily declaring war on the most powerful industrial nation on Earth. Hitler wasn’t merely a complete failure, he was a guaranteed failure before the end of 1941.

I always find it amusing when people call me a Nazi. I have considerably more contempt for Nazis than the most sincere Nazi-hater. Those who hate the Nazis fear them and consider them to be evil and scary villains. I don’t fear them and I consider them to be inept, ignorant losers. I’m not counter-signaling here; I don’t counter-signal Communists or people with Down’s Syndrome either.

And for those who try to claim that it’s just rhetoric, yes, I am aware of its use in that capacity. The point is that the best and most effective rhetoric is rooted in truth, not ignorance and buffoonery.