Antifa targeting Ivan Throne

This is a direct result of Castalia House author Ivan Throne staring down dozens of hapless antifa by himself. This is how you know that Ivan is making a difference, merely by daring to stand in silent opposition to them in public.

Do you know why all of the SFWA stuff started in the first place, after I had been a member in good standing for nearly a decade without incident? It was because I dared to question the SF-SJW Narrative in passing, in a single paragraph of an otherwise unrelated paragraph, in public.

The mental pollution of feminism extends well beyond the question of great thinkers. Women do not write hard science fiction today because so few can hack the physics, so they either write romance novels in space about strong, beautiful, independent and intelligent but lonely women who finally fall in love with rugged men who love them just as they are, or stick to fantasy where they can make things up without getting hammered by critics holding triple Ph.D.s in molecular engineering, astrophysics and Chaucer.

That’s what launched the Nielsen Haydens’ eight-year campaign against me, which McRapey and many other SF-SJWs hastened to join. You can read that column, and 227 others, in the first volume of my Collected Columns, Innocence & Intellect, 2001-2005. And if you want to learn more about how Ivan Throne, a man who has overcome much more serious challenges than most of us have ever had to face in our lifetimes, possessed the fortitude to face down dozens of screaming, shrieking antifas, you should read The Nine Laws.

There is nothing antifa and the SJWs fear more than the evidence of public opposition, because it emboldens others. That is why they always try so hard to stamp it out as viciously, and in as threatening a manner, as possible. Because they know that men like Ivan and me neither fear nor respect them, and they are terrified that our lack of fear and respect will prove contagious as the Alt-Right grows.