Do what we want and we promise to be nice

Do they really think the God-Emperor is likely to fall for what has to be the third-oldest card in the SJW deck?

For about the thousandth—or is it the millionth?—time, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal has attacked Donald Trump. But this time there’s a twist. The Journal’s latest hit-piece targets Trump’s top advisers, Stephen K. Bannon and Stephen Miller, both champions of the populist nationalist policies that propelled Trump to victory.

In their February 27 editorial, the Journal’s editorial board argues that President Trump is acceptable only if he supports the Journal-approved agenda of tax cuts and deregulation, which Trump does. However, Trump’s signature issues of economic nationalism and border security are most definitely not acceptable. The Journal calls these positions “Bannonism”—and that’s not meant as a compliment to Steve.

In reality, the Journal knows that “Bannonism” is really just “Trumpism.” Trump embraced economic nationalism and border security long before he ever met Bannon or Miller, whom he refers to as “my two Steves.”  Of course, that’s why the Journal’s editorialists have opposed Trump all along. But now they’re pretending that Trump could be forgiven for his populism, if only he rids himself of his two Steves.

What is funny is when you find yourself on both sides of this wheedling offer. SJWs were trying to get me to disavow Roosh at the same time others were trying to get Milo and Mike Cernovich to disavow me.

Needless to say, no one bit. The Left clearly thinks our memories are regularly erased on the same short-term schedule as theirs are.