Building the perfect woman

It would probably, quite rightly, appall more than a few feminists to know that young women have been raised on the basis of my observations concerning feminism. But unlike the angry omegas of the West, I don’t hate American women.

I do not despise American women. Quite to the contrary, I very much admire those who possess the courage, the character and the feminine spirit to reject the poisoned propaganda of the self-destructive Sisterhood and be women. It requires far more genuine strength and independence for a young American woman to become a lady today than it does for her to devolve into a faux male – those who manage the feat are princesses for whom a man might well wish to slay a dragon or three.

It is hard, very hard, for American girls to go against the tsunami of equalitarian propaganda and social pressure to which they are subjected. And yet, some of them manage it all the same. They are not only to be praised and celebrated, they are to be emulated.

Because they are the gateway to the future. Victory will not be achieved without them.