Why the Alt-Right is so scary

Robert Weissberg explains the Alt-Right is threatening to the political establishment because only the Alt-Right is speaking the truth about what everyone can see is happening all across the West:

Even in today’s acrimonious political landscape, nothing seems to draw as much vitriol as the minuscule “Alt-Right” (shorthand for an alternative to mainstream Conservatism Inc.). Indeed, if America’s political class organized 1984-style two-minute hates, the Alt-Right would be the star of the show with Richard Spencer substituting for Emmanuel Goldstein.

Given this aversion across the ideological spectrum, one might surmise that the Alt-Right embraced doctrines totally antithetical to core American values. Not quite. In at least in one key regard, the Alt-Right is as American as apple pie…

.Let me offer a speculative explanation. In an increasingly heterogeneous society where there is always a potential for internecine strife, prudence dictates permitting everyone (regardless of race or ethnicity) to create their own “private” ethno states, but caution also counsels the Mafia’s Omerta, the code of silence. Not even the liberal-dominated mass media will run stories of how real estate developers in cahoots with elected officials undermine residential diversity with under-the-radar “ethnic cleansing” by enticing large numbers of urban underclass blacks into suburban public housing (Ferguson, MO is one example). The only way a New Yorker might realize that whites are forcing out blacks in historically black Harlem is by reading reviews of new trendy restaurants and clubs in Harlem.

Into this Omerta comes the Alt-Right willing to speak the unspeakable: if we want America to be America, exclude low-IQ Syrian goat herders and wife beater with nine children who embrace a religion deeply incompatible with America’s core Christian principles. Alt-Right trouble-makers relish recounting grim tales of culturally indigestible immigrants or explaining how corporate America willingly destroys the country to attract cheap Third World labor all the while sending the clean-up bill—policing, welfare, medical care–to hapless, largely white taxpayers. The Alt-Righter resembles an un-socialized youngster who regularly blurts out the unspeakable, embarrassing truth.

And finally, there’s The Great Fear: this Alt-Right “virus” may escape the laboratory’s Petri dish and gain a modicum of political traction. Think Marine Le Pen and the National Front in France or, in Germany, Frauke Petry and the Alternative for Germany, two nationalist, anti-immigration parties that arrived out “of nowhere” and are now serious electoral players. After all, there is a demonstrable market for the idea of a white ethno state and an ambitious demagogue, perhaps a modern-day cleaned up George Wallace, could easily champion it. To be sure, an American National Party would be unlikely to capture any office, particularly under its current leadership, but it could peel off 5% or so of the popular vote as a protest vote in at least some states. Stranger things have happened so it is no wonder that the establishment obsesses over this tiny handful of heretics whose xenophobic views resonate with millions of deplorable Americans.

The Left is lying. The cuckservatives are lying. The conservatives and civic nationalists were misguided, but at this point, if they’re still sticking to their guns, they are knowingly speaking what they now know to be false.

And that is why the Alt-Right scares all of them. Because we speak the truths that they wish to hide.