Germany has Magic Dirt too

Angela Merkel announces that standing on German ground is sufficient to make one a member of the Volk:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing heavy criticism for claiming the German people, or Volk, are comprised of anyone currently living in Germany regardless of their background.

The word “Volk”, or people, in German (pronounced “folk”), is a somewhat controversial term in Germany and like many German phrases has no exact English equivalent. Chancellor Merkel is now facing opposition from many, including within her own party, for claiming that anyone living in Germany is part of the Volk, which amounts to saying that all migrants are German by virtue of living in the country, Tag 24 reports.

Merkel made the comments in her home region of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania as she received the formal nomination from her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), to lead the party in this year’s federal election. 95 per cent of the roughly 140 delegates voted for Merkel who ran for the nomination unopposed.

“There is no justification that small groups of our society presume to define who the Volk are, the Volk is everyone who lives in this country,” Merkel said.

These luanatics are making the historical National Socialists look sane and reasonable by comparison. The Nazis merely regarded their ethnicity to be ideal. Merkel is openly disavowing science, history, and philosophy.

The Teutonic edition of Magic Dirt theory is no more credible or convincing than the American version. Indeed, if we are to take it seriously, we will be entirely unable to make any sense of history whatsoever. I mean, who sacked Rome? It couldn’t have been the Visigoths, because the Gothic people who crossed the Danube became Romans as soon as they settled inside the borders of the Eastern Roman Empire, regardless of their background.

Therefore, Alaric the Roman sacked Rome in 410 AD, with the assistance of tens of thousands of other Romans, for no apparent reason.

Civic nationalists who understand that Magic Dirt theory is completely insane when applied to Germany or Great Britain should be able to grasp that their logic is just as insane, and and just as false historically, when applied to the United States of America. At this point, one has to be either borderline retarded or stubbornly self-deluded to remain a civic nationalist rather than a nationalist proper. A dog living in a human household remains a dog, even if it has lived there its whole life. This is hardly a revelation. A can never be Not A.

There is no such thing as a “proposition nation” any more than there is a “proposition animal” or “proposition element”. A “proposition nation” is no more a nation than “social justice” is justice. It is the same damnable deception by redefinition in which the Left habitually engages.