The opposition media is fake news

Mike Cernovich explains how it works when the opposition media wants to create a false narrative:

Years ago I viewed the media as biased. The conclusions were questioned, but the underlying factual basis of the story was taken for granted.

  • Then we had the Rolling Stone rape hoax.
  • Hate crime hoaxes are breathlessly repeated.
  • Russians are falsely accused of hacking a power grid.
  • Anonymous bloggers at PropOrNot are allowed to smear other bloggers (many of them liberal) in the pages of the WaPo.
  • WaPo admits it publishes stories where it “does not itself vouch for the validity” of its sources.

Even if you assume these nine people exist, why isn’t this information disclosed:

  • Did these 9 people work for Obama at the time of the alleged conversation? If so, how many? This bias and conflict-of-interest should be disclosed.
  • Why haven’t these 9 truth tellers resigned in protest? Man or woman up, be a whistle blower!

Since you’re liberal, maybe you don’t know what it’s like to be lied about. In the world of Trump supporters, we distrust the media because they lie about us daily.

On August 31, 2016, I wrote an article: Is Mike Cernovich Part of the Alt-Right? If you don’t want to read it all, note this concluding sentence: “No, Mike Cernovich is not part of the alt-right.”

On December 15, 2016, a WaPo blogger reported: “In an interview with alt-right writer Mike Cernovich, Hyde said the channel had ‘nine months’ to decide the show’s future.”

The blogger of that piece, David Weigel, is obsessed with me. He snarkily name drops my book “Gorilla Mindset,” and reads my Twitter religiously. He knows I am not “alt-right,” and lies about me. WaPo has never issued a retraction.

We saw examples of this last night at the Darkstream. Seven times, a troll tried to call me a “white supremacist”, which is something they picked up from the false narrative established originally by Jeet Heer during #GamerGate. Now, I know better than to bother pointing out to trolls and SJWs that what they’re saying isn’t true, much less argue with them; the object of the troll is to distract and to disrupt so I simply block them.

That is, by the way, evidence that the attempt to conflate the Alt-Right with white supremacism and neo-nazism has failed. Wikipedia now has an Alt-Right page; while it is a Richard Spencer-obsessed hit piece, it least it is no longer a simple redirect to the Neo-Nazi page. The fact that they feel the need to call me something other than Alt-Right, a political identity I readily embrace, suffices to show that their attempt to redefine the term was unsuccessful. If Weigel switches terms in his continued attacks on Cernovich, that will be further evidence in support of the observation.

Unlike SJWs, the media doesn’t always lie. But they regularly lie, they always attempt to push a narrative that may or may not be in reasonable harmony with the truth, and they often invent nonexistent sources. Even those who were previously dubious now agree, after experiencing being in the media spotlight themselves:

I have always been a little sceptical of the right wing’s opinion about ‘fake news’ – the ‘mainstream media’s agenda’. A lot of people in the right wing community completely distrust what the mainstream media report and believe that the companies that are part of it (BBC, CNN, Channel 4 to name a few) are using their left wing agenda to bring down the right. Honestly, despite seeing what they mean after watching a few videos and noticing bias in some areas, I thought that everyone was over reacting a little bit. Because after all, there are plenty of ‘right wing’ news sources now that pride themselves on looking at news from a neutral perspective. I’m now deciding to detract my original thoughts because of my personal experience with Channel 4, a popular UK news outlet.

Note that she made the same mistake that everyone does, of thinking that they’re going to be clever and careful, and that by doing so, they’ll somehow magically avoid the fate of every sacrificial lamb who has gone before them.

I was careful and conscious of the fact that this could all go very wrong. I’d like to mention at this point that I was assured that it was going to be a ‘fair’ piece to ‘get my perspective’.

We arranged to meet to film soon after Christmas. We filmed for about 4 hours and I feel that I spoke very well and managed to share my thoughts on a range of topics. I like to think I’m quite clever and quite the blossoming businesswomen, considering my editor status at BPS so I did catch GH out on a few things she asked and refused to answer. I also made a special effort to not talk about anything I wasn’t completely knowledgeable about, so that it would minimise the chances of being used to make me seem dumb….

I feel compelled to write this to warn others that despite how much precaution you take, how clever you are and how nice the filmmaker is – you will get targeted. I was made to look bad (as were my on screen counterparts). I was told that this would be unbiased, I was told that my words would not be cut and edited and I was told that I would have to sign release papers. Which for the record, I did not. I wasn’t shown the tape beforehand as promised, either.

They always tell you that they just want to tell both sides and want to give you the opportunity to sell your story. They don’t tell you that because you’re so special and smart. They tell that to everyone… because nearly everyone falls for it. Seriously, what part of DON’T TALK TO THE MEDIA is hard to understand? Let me see if I can put this in very simple terms that anyone can grasp: DO. NOT. TALK. TO. THE. FUCKING. MEDIA. EVER.

You’re not smarter than I am. You’re not more articulate than Stefan Molyneux. You don’t have a better handle on the media than Mike Cernovich. But I won’t communicate with the media except in writing, Stefan doesn’t talk to them at all, and Mike only talks to journalists on a extremely strategic and selective basis.

Don’t dance for the media. Don’t talk to the media. They are the enemy. Build your own platforms instead and bypass them entirely.