You can’t break Brexit

Despite the shameless interference in the process of non-British people in forcing a parliamentary vote on the successful Leave referendum, Brexit is expected to proceed after tonight’s vote:

MPs are poised for a landmark vote on Brexit that effectively makes the process irreversible. For the first time, the Commons will vote in principle on a law that gives the Prime Minister power to trigger Britain’s exit from the EU.

Three votes will take place tonight, starting at 7pm. First MPs will vote on a wrecking amendment tabled by the SNP. It expected to be heavily defeated. The crucial vote is the second one at 7.15pm to give the new law a ‘second reading’. It is expected to be carried by a landslide but with about 100 opponents. The third sets the time table for the rest of the bill’s timetable – a relative formality.

Let Britannia rule herself again. The benefit of the delay is that, barring any last-minute shenanigans by the Conservative Party, with both a popular referendum and the British Parliament behind Brexit, the EU cannot pretend that Britain’s exit and reclamation of national sovereignty is not the democratically expressed will of the people any longer.


Britain passed the point of no return in its historic battle to cut ties with Brussels tonight as MPs backed the Brexit Bill. The Commons endorsed the legislation by 498 votes to 114 after the government saw off a desperate bid by more than 100 Remoaners to block it.