The Melting Pot is no paradise

As evil is wont to do, they even warned you with their symbolism from the start. Does it look as if anything good is going to come out of that witch’s cauldron? The concept of “The Melting Pot” is an overtly anti-American, overtly anti-Christian lie straight from the Pit of Hell.

Every. Single. Time.

I very much doubt any of those who romanticize the lie and brazenly declare that U.S. citizens born in Portugal and Somalia are realer Americans than the posterity of the Founders have ever actually read the play itself. I highly encourage you to do so, particularly if you believe in America the Melting Pot or think you subscribe to Judeo-Christian values. Guess what the play is really about? This exchange begins with the FIFTH line of the dialogue.

FRAU QUIXANO Wos schreist du? Gott in Himmel, dieses Amerika!_

KATHLEEN What’s that ye’re afther jabberin’ about America? If ye don’t like God’s own counthry, sure ye can go back to your own Jerusalem, so ye can.

MENDEL One’s very servants are anti-Semites.

KATHLEEN Bad luck to me, if iver I take sarvice again with haythen Jews. Och, I thought ye was out!

MENDEL And so you dared to be rude to my mother.

KATHLEEN She said I put mate on a butther-plate.

MENDEL Well, you know that’s against her religion.

KATHLEEN But I didn’t do nothing of the soort. I ounly put butther on a mate-plate.

MENDEL That’s just as bad. What the Bible forbids—-

KATHLEEN Sure, the Pope himself couldn’t remimber it all. Why don’t ye have a sinsible religion?

MENDEL You are impertinent. Attend to your work.

KATHLEEN And isn’t it laying the Sabbath cloth I am?

MENDEL Don’t answer me back.
How quintessentially turn-of-the-century American….  Here is how it ends, with the Christian Vera rejecting her Christian father, who has massacred Jews in Russia for the Tsar, in favor of the universalist vision of the Jew, David.

DAVID It is the fires of God round His Crucible. There she lies, the great Melting Pot–listen! Can’t you hear the roaring and the bubbling? There gapes her mouth–the harbour where a thousand mammoth feeders come from the ends of the world to pour in their human freight. Ah, what a stirring and a seething! Celt and Latin, Slav and Teuton, Greek and Syrian,–black and

VERA Jew and Gentile—-

DAVID Yes, East and West, and North and South, the palm and the pine, the pole and the equator, the crescent and the cross–how the great Alchemist melts and fuses them with his purging flame! Here shall they all unite to build the Republic of Man and the Kingdom of God. Ah, Vera, what is the glory of Rome and Jerusalem where all nations and races come to worship and look back, compared with the glory of America, where all races and nations come to labour and look forward!

The Melting Pot is the very anti-Christian globalist vision of New Babel and the One World Order that conservatives claim to violently oppose. It is the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, NAFTA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is Somalis in Minneapolis, Liberians in Coon Rapids and Mexicans in Des Moines. It is Tikkun Olem and Heal the World and Judeo-Christ.

America is not, and never was intended to be, a place for “all races and nations”. To claim that it is, or was, is a direct attack on the identity, legitimacy, and existence of the American people. The Constitution was not written for Universal Man, it was written to secure the liberties of Englishmen living on the American continent and no one else, not even their “British brethren” back in England.

Open your eyes. Stop believing the lies. Yes, the truth can be hard and bitter at times. What of it? Did Jesus Christ promise us a wide and easy stroll on which everyone would applaud and admire us?