Portrait of a failed strategy

Indignation and posturing having failed in intersectional defense of his interspecies relationships, McRapey tries a new strategy. It does not go well.

  • So… he’s trying to be witty and troll his opponents… by agreeing and amplifying the cuck insult, and making himself look like a creepy gay man?
  • Correct. He’s been doing that since high school.
  • He’s on the bottom rung of the ladder with actual men, who display nothing but disgust and contempt for him, a physical revulsion, since he’s utterly insecure and doesn’t know how to act like a man. So he self-neuters and acts like a woman to get validation from the only people who can stand him. Example A of why fathers are so important to little boys. If all you have to emulate is mommy you may end up like this degenerate.

What is supposed to pass for humor is the Gamma go-to under pressure. First, it’s not funny. Second, it doesn’t actually fool anyone.

UPDATE: Don’t worry, now he’s going to butch it up. On Twitter.

“Why would you punch a Nazi when baseball bats are readily available?” 

So tuff! So fierce! So very 6’3″ Marine badass! The funny thing is that there are almost certainly far more people who would love to see McRapey get punched in the face than ever wanted to see someone hit Richard Spencer. And that’s just the SJWs.