“A despicable insult”

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect and the ADL demand a retraction and apology from Foz Meadows and the editor of Amazing Stories for insulting Holocaust survivors.

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has demanded apologies from Foz Meadows and Steve Davidson, the editor of Amazing Stories, after Meadows called author Vox Day “an actual neo-Nazi” in an article posted on the Amazing Stories web site.

Steven Goldstein, the executive director of the center, called it a “despicable insult to Holocaust survivors” and said Ms Meadows must retract her false claim and “apologize to survivors and to our entire nation.” The organization was established in 1959 by Frank’s father Otto Frank, whose vision was to “build a world based on equal rights and mutual respect.”

Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League also called it “an inappropriate comparison”.

It really is a tremendous insult to those who died in the Holocaust. So terrible. I’m not offended on my own behalf, since the defamation is so obviously untrue, but on theirs. I can only hope Ms Meadows and Mr. Davidson will have the decency to apologize sooner rather than later.