Prospects for success

At Alpha Game, I answer a man’s question concerning the likelihood a Gamma-infested project will succeed:

It is not possible for an project, a business, or a nation to survive Gamma leadership, because Gammas are not leaders and are not successful people. They will cheerfully burn the entire thing down at a moment’s notice merely because they feel insufficiently appreciated or insufficiently respected, regardless of how bad their performance has been or how poorly the project is doing.

Because most people seldom find themselves in positions of leadership, they have absolutely no idea what it entails. As those who have worked with me know, I do not believe leadership has anything to do with bossing people around, telling them how to do their jobs, or chest-pounding. It primarily involves pointing them in the right direction, making sure they have everything they need to accomplish their objective, and ensuring they understand what that objective is.

The better the leader, the less he actually has to do. The greatest leaders are those who make leadership look entirely effortless, because they are so good at selecting lieutenants and sergeants, delegating decisions to them, and successfully communicating the organization’s vision, that they literally have nothing left to do.

The reason Trump may turn out to be a much better president than expected is because he shows the signs of a top-notch leader. He clearly likes to surround himself with high-quality subordinates and give them as much responsibility as they can handle.