One can always count on gamma

I’m not sure which was more predictable. The fact that the late and unlamented Wild Man would react to his abrupt exit from the premises with the usual aplomb of the gamma scorned, or the fact that his tears would go undried at the Chateau.

Lucius Somesuch
Having read your “existential ontological” scribblings at Vox Popoli, Wild Man, with all of your buttkissing “please help me to understand, Good Sir” bowing and scraping, we see what a (((cucky))) midwit trolltard you are. John Locke is dead. You’re a fucking idiot. Oh, but a liar too– saruh is that YOU?! lzolzoz .

Wild Man
Lucius Fuckwad – you be so dumb …… to confuse the shiv for buttkissing. What else goes over you head buddy? Fuck ….. I bet you be owned by the women in you life. John Locke inconsequential as to western institutions? …… fuck you stupid

Wild Dude, you got your arse handed to you by Vox Day. Retreating to another blog to cry your gamma dreams of being the once and future king were unjustly robbed does you no good. It’s embarrassing, in fact.

I imagine you can guess what comes next….