Mailvox: recount and consequences

Apparently the Michigan recount is pulling back the veil on Democrat vote fraud. An email from an anonymous insider.

People have known for years that Democrat-controlled Detroit has been rigging elections. During the Bush/Kerry election they had GOP poll watchers arrested and ran up 100 percent voter turnouts. It was so bad the Federal judges had to allow voter ID laws they had been blocking for years to take effect in Michigan.

The Hillary/Jill recount didn’t help Hillary, but it has hurt the Democrats’ reputations and may hurt them badly going forward. The count has been stopped but the state has now ordered an audit as to how 20 Democrat-controlled locations had a lot more Hillary votes than voters.

We use drivers license scans now for a computer record poll book, so they know how many voted. The worst location had 300 Hillary votes cast by 50 voters.

As the Alt-Right is demonstrating, all that is necessary for the Right to win is to show up and fight. Who would have imagined that anyone could come up with a strategy more effective than rolling over and playing dead?