San Antonio shooting

Another policeman is murdered:

A detective was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket outside of police headquarters late Sunday morning. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus identified the slain officer as 20-year veteran Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50. He said the suspect has not yet been apprehended, and a motive is not known.

McManus said Marconi had pulled over a car for a traffic violation outside Public Safety Headquarters in downtown. While Marconi was inside his squad car writing a ticket, a black vehicle pulled up behind him and the driver got out, walked up to the detective’s window and shot him in the head, McManus said. Then the suspect reached into the window and shot Marconi a second time, he said.

It’s tragic. It’s horrifying. But the grim reality is that this will not be the last such murder. Until the following steps are taken, expect more of the same:

  • Restore the pre-1965 American population demographics
  • Demilitarize the police
  • End the Drug War.

If you’re not going to work towards, or support, any of those things, then Blue Lives really don’t Matter to you. Sure, you can talk tough if you like, but no one has ever won a 4GW conflict that way.