A rabbi tells his people to go home

“Jew, Go Home” at Men of the West:

So long as there are Jews in the world, Haman and Amalek will always find a way to justify their enmity and hatred. That is simply the way it is in this present world. My primary concern, however, lies elsewhere. My concern is with the willing defection from God and Torah-observance of my brethren, a defection which infuses the persecution of the Jews by the nations with plausibility.

Consequently, the sense of security and comfort of which many Jews in this country boast couldn’t be more illusory, hollow, and false. And the Jews who boast the loudest are often the ones who have shirked their duty as Jews with the greatest fervor, while imagining that they could buy the friendship of the nations and permanently secure that friendship by discarding everything that distinguishes them as Jews. In other words, they thought they could sell their birthright for a pot of stew and no one would notice, least of all God.

So, what has happened here in America? In no other place and in no other time have Jews failed to demonstrate to the nations how to live a life of Divine service more than here in America; here in America, where Jews have enjoyed the unprecedented benefits of citizenship, we have failed to show ourselves as loyal servants of God. Instead, we have fought to secure and maintain those benefits, in large part, by slackening our hands and diminishing our commitment to God and Torah observance.

For the most part, we have not related to American society in a very positive way. We have done very little to inspire our fellow-citizens to live righteously. Instead, we have advanced causes which are not only contrary to God and His ways, but we have also championed policies and lobbied on behalf of political agendas which have worked against the peace and prosperity of this nation whose welfare was supposed be our chief concern during our temporary sojourn here. Surely, there must be a reason that the phrase “What’s good for the goyim?” never embedded itself in the collective conscience of the non-Jewish world to which we have been exiled.

What the Jews of the West would do well to understand is that the men of the West are now entirely immune to their complaints about anti-semitism, their appeals to pity the poor homeless Jew, and their cries of historical persecution. The situation has changed. Christendom is once more an invaded warzone, and there is no longer any room for tolerating those who are in, but not of the West, especially those who are inclined to tolerate, and even sympathize, with the invaders. War is coming, and war seldom spares those who are not on one side or the other.

Furthermore, Jews once needed the refuge of the West. (And it was a refuge, obviously, that’s why they kept returning to Western lands after being periodically exiled from one after another.) But now, thanks to the charity of the West and the staunch courage of the early Zionists, Jews are no longer a landless, gypsy nation dependent upon the toleration of strangers. They have a national homeland, a strong, independent, militarily powerful country to call their own. Israelis do not cower and cry and complain about those who identify them, they are proud to stand before the world as men of Israel and Jews.

The rabbi is right. The Prime Minister of Israel is right. Are we seriously supposed to believe they are anti-semites and Jew-haters for advising other Jews to follow their example?