When white-knighting goes awry

Gammas never grasp that the crowd is always going to choose the Alpha male over them, no matter how adroitly they virtue-signal:

House Speaker Paul Ryan was shouted down by chants of “Trump” at his Fall Fest event Saturday in Wisconsin. Ryan, who kicked off the speech talking about the “elephant in the room,” said that Trump’s banter with Billy Bush before taping an Access Hollywood segment in 2005 was “a troubling situation.”

The chants for “Trump” start at about the 6:40 mark in the video below.

Ryan was joined onstage by Wisconsites Ron Johnson and Scott Walker after the “Trump” shouts began, at the end of Ryan’s speech. Some also shouted, “God bless Trump,” and “See ya, Paul! Jackass!”

Ryan’s miscalculation wasn’t quite as bad as Ted Cruz’s at the RNC, but it was still pretty impressive.