The Gold Timers

Far too many Baby Boomers didn’t give a damn about their own children, let alone their nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. We can hardly expect them to care about the fate of Western civilization after they’re dead, gone, and presumably, burning in Hell:

It’s ironic that we spend our youth wanting to be older, and our middle age wanting to stop the clock. But I’m not going to wallow. On the contrary. For my birthday, I’m treating myself to a Vivienne Westwood frock, a haircut by Nicky Clarke and dinner at one of London’s finest restaurants, Le Gavroche.

I’m not wealthy. I’m just representative of the so-called ‘Gold Timer’ generation – people in their 60s who are spending money now, rather than leaving it in their wills….

Surely I needed to leave my house to the next generation of my family? I surprised myself by my adamant response, but then I began asking myself why.

My parents, who were married in the Forties, believed in leaving as large a legacy to their four children as possible and, once they’d reared us, they continued in their thrifty ways, refusing to spend their savings on luxuries they deserved.

Growing up in Somerset, it was a necessity to have holiday jobs as a teenager. After my father’s death, my mother took up the mantle of austerity, despite constant urging by us children to spend. By then, we were earning far more between us than our parents could have dreamt of.

My mother, Jean, did dip into her savings, but only in a modest way; she took a coach trip to Paris and bought a Chanel lipstick – I still wear Chanel lipstick in her memory. I admired both my parents tremendously, but so much has changed from their generation to mine. My siblings all have comfortable lives, and their children are unlikely to need a helping hand from Auntie. Unlike them, I never married and I don’t have children.

I’d always thought I would leave everything to my half-a-dozen wonderful nephews and nieces. But now, suddenly, all the guilt I felt about spending my own inheritance has gone.

That’s amazing. Suddenly all the guilt I felt about euthanasia for the elderly has gone too!

At the very least, it’s a convincing case for eliminating Social Security, shutting down all the bankrupt pension plans, and letting millions of literally useless old Boomers rely upon the children they didn’t have.

Fortunately, their sense of narcissism and entitlement is such that they can be relied upon to self-euthanize once they can’t afford to eat in fine restaurants anymore.