Coup attempt in Turkey underway

Don’t know any more than that, except that the Turkish internet has largely gone dark.

Confirmed: Twitter, Facebook & YouTube blocked in #Turkey at 10:50PM after apparent military uprising in #Turkey 

Sounds like the military has had enough of Erdogan’s Islamist rule. Remember, in Turkey, the secular military tends to be the force for stability, while the elected officials tend to be the more Islamic radicals.

With all due respect to Turkey, it is France that could most benefit from a military coup right now.


UPDATE 2: Sky News reports that the Turkish military coup was successful.

The Turkish military claims to have taken over after Turkey’s PM said a military faction had been involved in an attempted coup.

In a statement read out on Turkey’s NTV television, the army said: “Power in the country has been seized in its entirety.”

According to Sky sources, state TV has been stormed by the military and staff have been asked to hand in their mobile phones. 

I find it interesting that people think Putin is behind this. But this is hardly the first military coup in Turkey; they tend to stage one whenever the elected politicians start getting out of hand again.

UPDATE 3: According to the resident Turk, Erdogan is running and seeking asylum.

Erdogan is running away. He was reported to be fleeing to the airport that was bombed recently. Military is declaring curfews nationally through the state TV.

UPDATE 4: Things aren’t looking so good for the coup leaders. The Navy and the 3rd Army commanders have both come out as loyalists and the Islamists are taking to the streets as per Erdogan’s call. The mosques are calling for jihad in support of Erdogan. It’s usually fatal to strike at the king and miss.

UPDATE 5: No wonder the coup is in the process of failing, assuming it hasn’t already. “Turkish military’s chief legal counsel Muharrem Kose identified as coup plotter.” A lawyer-led military coup? That has to be a first. “We’ve filed all the documents correctly, there’s no way this can fail!”