The multilingual requirement

Heartiste explains why both rhetoric and dialectic are necessary in today’s politics and political commentary:

Dialectic is the preferred form of communication when level-headed White men are drawing up policies to ensure prosperity for their nation and a future for their posterity. But we don’t live in that world anymore. Our world is tribal wagon-circling and feral women. Dialectic falls on deaf ears in an Idiocracy and in a Jizzocracy.

Rhetoric has the stage now. The beta male who patiently and thoroughly explores all the logical implications of a woman’s emotional extemporizing will bore her to tears. No sex for him. As it is in 2016 American politics; the cuckservative who patiently and thoroughly explores all the Constitutional implications of a liberal’s destructive anti-White animus will ostracize himself from the public discourse. No influence for him.

The ideal set-up for the alt-right rebel is rhetoric + dialectic. Get your kill shot in, then cow the others with an unanticipated foray into informed dialectic.

This is why Alpha Game had this motto from the start: Breaking the chains, winning the games, and saving Western Civilization.

In any society where women have the vote, both sexual politics and Game are going to be absolutely integral to the process of government. As women are much more inclined to favor rhetoric over dialectic, this means that it is vital for anyone who is interested in influencing the process in even the smallest regard to learn how to communicate with the rhetorically-minded.