The free-fall of the West

Amerika considers the demoralization of the West:

At 120 IQ points, there is a threshold which determines the ability of people to understand complex political issues, and another exists at 125 IQ points. But to see these issues clearly also depends on having a certain spirit that is capable of leadership. This is a warlike spirit, a gut instinct of what is right and the knowledge that without being forced to do otherwise, people drift back into the usual narcissistic oblivion and produce degenerative stupidity where they could have a truly great civilization.

People with this spirit tend to, when put in power, beat back the foolishness and leave everyone else alone. This terrifies your average person, who wants to face no consequences for his own bad behavior. If given the choice, he will select anti-leaders: people who herd together the group and make sure they all get along, at the high but long-term cost of ignoring the need for united action to constantly improve society, or it will be absorbed by stagnation and begin to crumble.

We are now seeing the full face of the crumbling in the West. With birth rates in free-fall, people miserable in jobs and broken marriages, the average person neurotic like a cat on meth, enemies both inside and outside our borders, record-breaking national debts and industries that are paper tigers, our elites — politicians, media, academia and other enfranchised “successful” people — are fiddling while Rome burns (or at least, the tinder is ready and soaked in kerosene).

This is why I no longer permit doomsayers and demoralizers to comment at VP. While we do need to know the facts and accept the serious reality of the situation, we also need to face the current situation with courage and hope.

Despair is defeatist. Despair is of the Devil. Despair is exactly what the enemy wants you to feel. So, I will not countenance those who counsel it, whether they are genuinely on our side or not.

If you despair, that understandable and that is your right. Go ahead and quit. Go your own way. Go kill yourself. It’s up to you. But you will not hang a millstone around any of my readers’ necks; I do not buy it and I will not permit it.

We don’t need numbers. Gideon only needed 300 followers. Jesus only required 12. I alone have more than 500 VFM and more than 5,000 Dread Ilk, and I am but one of many.

The night is dark and cold. But we not only do not despair, we smile, in some cases grimly, in some cases crazily, and in others anticipatorily, at the foolishness of those who think us beaten.

Because we already know how the story ends. And even those who don’t believe are still able to hope.