Blinded by the white

Walter Hudson explains how you can understand the very-bad, very-evil, and let us not forget, RACIST Alt-Right on PJ Media:

In some ways, the civil rights era of the 1960s ended in tragedy. Important strides were made toward empowering minorities with equal political rights and moving the American culture toward greater alignment with its founding values. But there was a dark side. Communist agitators infiltrated the movement and perverted it from one pursuing equality to one seeking to undermine American institutions. Today’s Democratic Party would be unrecognizable to the likes of JFK or LBJ.

In a similar way, the alt-right has begun the process of corrupting and fundamentally transforming the Republican Party. They have leveraged both the aggression of the racialized left and a widespread dissatisfaction with the political establishment to embed themselves parasitically within the party. It is as Michael van der Galien describes:

    … These people have nothing to do with conservatism. More precisely, they represent the complete opposite: conservatism is focused on individuals; they are focused on groups or, as they call them, tribes. They’re collectivists, and racist collectivists at that.

Similarly, the communist agitators of the 1960s had nothing to do with liberalism, as anyone familiar with the classical variety knows.

In summary, we’re dealing with an amorphous and decentralized movement of white racialists who have taken on a benign-sounding new name in an effort to market themselves as somehow respectable. They have infiltrated the Republican Party under the cover of anti-incumbency and conservative frustration with the status quo. They cloak their overtly racist ideas in high-sounding language referencing “the American way” or “American culture” — which really just means the white race. Whether Donald Trump has conscientiously appealed to them or not, his candidacy is viewed as a beacon signaling that they may creep from the shadows and stake a claim in the mainstream.

This is a vile movement that must be recognized, removed from the Republican Party through some form of biopsy, and cast back into the dustbin of history from which it escaped. The actual American way requires it.

It’s not a terrible comparison, but he makes two very serious mistakes. First, the Alt-Right is not parasitical upon the Republican Party. We are not part of the Republican Party and we have not infiltrated it.

We are, rather, replacing the Republican Party in much the same way the Republican Party replaced the Whigs. We have nothing to do with what they call conservatism. We are not conservatives. We do not value much of what they value and we do not wish to conserve whatever it is that they think they are conserving.

Unlike Mr. Hudson, the Alt-Right knows its American history. The American way is white. The American culture is white. I am only part-American, and I can conclusively say that American (white) culture is different than American Indian (red) culture and Mexican (brown) culture,  the other two cultures to which I have, in part, inherited.

Second, the Alt-Right is nationalist, it is not merely a white identity movement. We support free association for all nationalities and we oppose the propositionalists of every stripe, whether they are (((melting potists))), (((huddled massers))), born American elsewhereans, or Ein Welt, Eine Rasse, Eine Regierung globalists.

In any event, it is encouraging that PJ Media is so concerned about the Alt-Right. It means that they know people are fleeing cuckservatism and becoming more and more conscious of the signal importance of identity in the current year.

This comment was amusing:

3 ways to understand cuckservatives:

1) We’re not racists.
2) Please don’t call me racist.
3) Take my money, take my country but please stop calling me a racist!