Back to the barricades

#GamerGate’s Operation Icy Blizzard is underway:

Operation Icy Blizzard is an operation with three main objectives. First it is to raise awareness about corruption in gaming journalism. Second it is to promote ethical alternatives to the mainstream gaming press. Third and most importantly, it is intended to spark a conversation and encourage new people to engage with it’s participants and discuss why they are care about ethics in games journalism and offer suggestions for moving forward.

The operation was originally proposed by /u/MikiSayaka33 last month and with her support I will be launching the operation with an initial Thunderclap campaign, which will send out a message that should reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of people. The campaign is worded in such a way as to both provide links to important resources AND serve as a jumping off point for new people and neutrals to join the conversation.

Obviously ethics in games journalism is only one facet of the conversation and this campaign is not intended to limit the scope of GamerGate, but ethics is the main focus of this particular campaign. The operation will go live on Friday, May 27th. I picked a Friday, because studies indicate that Twitter is more active on weekends and this provides people with a great opportunity to have a dialogue over the weekend.

If you want to participate in this operation, there are many ways you can help! The simplest way to help would be to sign up for the Thunderclap campaign and participate in the #IcyBlizzard and #GamerGate hashtags on Twitter (or other social media). If you are a content creator, you can help by making a video, blog post, art or similar content to encourage people to participate in the discussion and participate in the Thunderclap campaign.

I’m in, Oliver is in, and Lo-Ping is in. It’s already at 115 percent of participant goal, but let’s see that grow with your support. The media believes it has successfully spun the Narrative, but as it has learned more than once, the ride does not end and #GamerGate always comes back strong from every interlude.

Note that more than 400 separate incidents of game media corruption have been documented on DeepFreeze. As for moving forward, one of the most important things GG can do is to provide a functional action template and field guide for anti-SJWs in other fields.