Bombs in Brussels

Brussels Zaventem airport explosions: At least 11 dead as third bomb ‘found on runway’. Third bomb found on runway, reports of more explosions at three metro stations, including one close to EU buildings.

BREAKING NEWS: At least 11 13 23 28 34 people dead and 50 150 187 wounded after two explosions rock Brussels Airport in ‘suicide bombing’ – as SECOND ‘terror attack’ hits Metro station near EU headquarters SECOND ‘terror attack’ hits Metro station in city centre.

  • Shouts ‘in Arabic’ heard before two explosions went off near the American Airlines check-in desk at 8am (7am GMT)
  • Terrified passengers covered in blood ran for their lives after explosion sent ‘shockwaves’ through terminal building
  • Reports of another explosion at a Metro station near the EU headquarters in the Maelbeek area of central Brussels
  • Evacuated passengers are being ferried onto buses and are being driven to a ‘crisis centre’ away from the airport
  • Comes a day after Belgium minister warned of revenge attacks after arrest of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam 
 Immigrants are why you can’t have nice things.

    One would think this will tend to speed up Reconquesta 2.0 in Europe, but we’ll see. Regardless, don’t get too complacent. This sort of attack is coming the USA soon thanks to the millions of Islamic immigrants who have been permitted to enter the country. I would not be at all surprised if it started in Minnesota, most likely at the Megamall.

    It belatedly occurs to me that there is an important Republican primary today. These immigrant attacks mean that Donald Trump will win Arizona handily, which means that he is virtually guaranteed the delegates he needs.

    UPDATE: “Brussels Fire rep. tells NBC that there have been at least 4 explosions at different metro stations.”