A portrait in projection

The usual suspects are upset about Sad Puppies, albeit for different reasons this time. It’s always something.

Declan Finn addresses the topic with his usual flair:

The level of stupid maybe be getting to me.  The Puppy Kickers — like Damien — seem to be going full on insane.  They’ve apparently decided that they can just spew insults, and it’s reality. Wright will never be a pro writer again because they hate him, and anyone they hate must be blackballed. Brad and Larry are demagogues, because Damien said so — and they “ran away” because Brad and Larry didn’t want to play with this crap anymore.

Then again, these ARE the same people that insist that Brad ran away to the Middle East, because being shot at was preferable to standing up to the great and powerful Puppy Kickers. Yes, there are some idiots who’ve actually stated this, online. In public.

See what I mean about the stupid? It burns a LOT.

Damien doesn’t even seem to consider that, had more of his friends came to play at the SP4 site, they could have taken over the list entirely. But that would have meant engaging with people who disagree with him.

    .@Sinapus Let me make this clear then. I don’t want messages from you or any Sad Puppies. Go away, don’t message me again.
    — Damien Walter (@damiengwalter) March 19, 2016

Yes, because actually talking with people who disagree with him might fracture Damien’s delicate hold on his reality. Besides, he wouldn’t want to be sullied with talking with the subhumans, now would he?

It makes you wonder who the heck are supposed to be the rabid ones here. Because I have to be honest, the level of paranoia that you have to induce in order to turn “Fans like my work” into “IT’S A TRAP” does not say good things about the bubble they’re living in. And Damien’s BS is so thick, he could fertilize acres every time he opens his mouth. His level of schizoid makes me wonder how he could tie his shoes. It’s obvious he has delusions of adequacy.

And of course, SP4 states that it is the exact same thing as Locus Magazine’s recommended list for the Hugos. The only difference? Locus seems to be in Tor’s back pocket, while actual fans out in the real world are voting for Sad Puppies.

Given the 3rd Law of SJW, what do we know about Damien’s accusation? First, that he is bitter. And second, that he believes his own pro writing career is over. After all, the comparison of his own career with Mr. Wright’s can only lead to one conclusion: it’s not Mr. Wright whose career is struggling:

My Lovesick Zombie Boy Band by Damien Walter
7 reviews, 3.1 rating
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #510,062 Paid in Kindle Store
    #557 > Fantasy > New Adult & College 

Iron Chamber of Memory by John C. Wright
16 reviews, 5.0 rating
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,477 Paid in Kindle Store
    #19 > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Fantasy

Speaking as one of his publishers, and one of his smaller publishers, I can testify that Mr. Wright sold more books in the five days since his most recent novel was released than Mr. Walter has sold in his life.