We got us a runner

Matt Walsh bravely strode forth to conquer the Lion Guard:

Matt Walsh ‏@MattWalshBlog
I will debate any conservative media Trump shill who made my blacklist. I’m “just a blogger” so it should be easy to beat me, right?

Someone brought it to my attention, and as will probably surprise no one, I answered the call:

Ronald James ‏@ron3name
If you’re serious hit up @voxday. He’s pretty good at demolishing churchian cucks, when he has time and can be bothered.

Supreme Dark Lord ‏@voxday
.@ron3names @MattWalshBlog I will debate you any time, Matt. And yes, it will be very easy to beat you up.

Thereby prompting Matt to imitate a contortion artist in coming up with excuses for why he is only going to debate people with their own show, which is to say, people who don’t know who Matt Walsh is and could not care less. One observer on Twitter characterized it thusly:

>be a cuck
>offer to debate
>vox: ahem
>to cuck/not to cuck
>”I don’t debate trolls!”
>secret king wins…

See, Matt is TOO IMPORTANT a blogger to debate another blogger. Especially one whose readership he DWARFS!

Matt Walsh ‏@MattWalshBlog
My readership is several million a month. Dwarfs yours and it’s not close.

And yet, he keeps running, running, running. Diagnosis: Gamma.