Alternative to madness

Merkel’s insane determination to flood Germany with dark-skinned people has reinvigorated the German right and is lifting the anti-EU Alternativ fur Deutschland:

“The power of the established parties is crumbling,” a jubilant Ms. Petry told supporters after her party took 13.2 percent of the vote in normally sleepy local elections in the central state of Hesse last Sunday.

This Sunday is another test, with elections in three larger and more important states — one in the east and two in the west — that are being closely watched as a referendum on the chancellor’s refugee policies and a bellwether for the nation.

In the east, support for the Alternative for Germany now nears 20 percent — about double that in the west.

But even in the west, the far-right rebellion is chipping away at the chancellor’s conservative Christian Democrats, as well as its Social Democratic coalition partners, in a country where the Nazi past looms large.

However, if the German establishment is successful in leashing AfD, their nastier big brothers will be along shortly. Even the women are rapidly abandoning the left-wing fascists reveling in their suicidal anti-racism:

The political establishment in Germany has mostly dealt with Ms. Petry and her party by refusing to appear with them in public, and ruling out any coalition government with them.

Hotels and other institutions have even declined to rent halls to the party.

In Merseburg, a picturesque town of 36,000 in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, which votes on Sunday, the Christian Democrat mayor, Jens Bühligen, 49, has managed to accommodate about 2,800 refugees, mostly spread through the town in empty apartments.

He said he has defused protests by going to them, and listening. “It works,” he said.

But some of Sunday’s prospective voters had a different view. When about 150 people rallied for the Alternative for Germany, the anger of a cluster of women, all 60 or older, was palpable.

“We were not asked!” about the refugees, they yelled.

A burly 63-year-old woman in a red anorak, who like the others declined to give her name, said she had worked for 42 years and gets 621 euros a month, about $685, from her pension.

Watching how the refugees are treated, she said, “I have never had so much hatred inside me.”

The idiots think their virtue-signaling and immigrant-welcoming is harmless, but what they are absolutely guaranteeing is that there will be another ethnic cleansing in Germany. It will not be surprising if there is not a single brown-skinned person there 30 years from now.

People forget that Hitler would have gotten away with ethnically cleansing Germany of Jews if he had been content with a Third Reich that consisted of Germany’s pre-1937 borders. He probably could have gotten away with it if he’d stopped with Austria and Czechoslovakia. It was the Nazi Lebensraum policy, not the Endlosung, that doomed the Third Reich.

Remember, both Stalin and Mao got away with their even larger massacres because they did not harbor expansionist objectives. Only the insanely murderous Khmer Rouge were stopped by outsiders, and then only because they’d slaughtered nearly one-third quarter of the population.

Correction from a reader: “The Khmer Rouge were only stopped because they kept trying to expand into Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.”

So there is a clear lesson here for ultranationalists: If one is content to clear foreign nationals out of one’s own country by pretty much any means from the civilized to the most primitive, the world will accept that, however loudly they denounce and decry the action. But get greedy for neighboring lands and someone, somewhere, will act to prevent it.