I find this view unacceptable

Shall we therefore target him and hurt his career?

“Of course there are legitimate racists and we should target them, We
should find them and we should hurt their careers because racism is

– Ben Shapiro

Remember, these are the sort of people who not only say they’re on our side, they actually claim to be our opinion leaders and to speak for us.

They’re not on our side. They don’t share our opinions. Don’t fall for their nonsensical posturing. They’re just like every other pig that found itself on the upside for once and is trying to declare that equality now renders it more equal than others.

More and more, it seems the primary difference between the cuckservative and the SJW is that the former gives lip service to classic liberalism while the latter gives it to equality and tolerance. But they both exhibit a strong desire to play thought and speech police.