Mailvox: WTF Vox?

There is literally nothing is more important to the average Baby Boomer than the idea that his generation is the coolest, wonderfulest, and most envied by other, lesser generations. This exchange with TS not only made me laugh, it serves rather nicely to demonstrate everything GenX has observed about the Boomers:

WTF Vox? What’s with all the Boomer bashing? Have you hit a wall or something? Bashing us isn’t going to remove the logjam in your crusade or your intestines.

Can you afford to alienate any percentage of your supporters? I’ve been a SF fan since long before you were born. The Hippies’ main tactic was to bash the greatest generation America ever produced so you are in excellent company.  ::roll eyes::

Also, if you’re going to bash boomers and actually be effective, you may want a spokesman who is NOT referred to in Wiki as:  “the Godfather of hipsterdom”[5] and one of the “primary architects of hipsterdom”.[6]” Most Boomers think Hipsters are people with no little to no purpose.

My response: Obviously you haven’t been on VP very long. Do a search for “Boomer”
on VP. You’ll see that I have always had contempt for that
generation, taken as a whole. They are the locust generation.

TS replied with all the wisdom and restraint that has caused so many GenXers to develop such deep respect for the Baby Boomers:

Sayonara motherfucker.

Adieu, sweet prince. I shall comfort myself with the knowledge that we will not only bury the Baby Boomers, we will write their history. What I find so amusing about this is that insufficient respect for his generation is, in TS’s Boomer eyes, a legitimate reason to write off someone he claims to have supported.

And yes, I can afford to alienate 100 percent of such “supporters”. That’s not exactly the sort of fortitude upon which one ideally wants to rely.

But wait, there’s more!

No wait, I thought of a better comeback! Hating boomers makes you an SJW too.

 And to think they thought they were cool. (shakes head)