Social Justice convergence at Goodreads

This is hilarious. Goodreads not only deleted my account in less than 36 hours, but they deleted the Rabid Puppies group as well.

Hello Vox,

Your account was recently brought to our attention.  Upon review, we have decided to remove it from the site.  A CSV of the books you shelved is attached for your personal records.  You are banned from using Goodreads in any capacity going forward.

The Goodreads Team

La, whatever shall I do without SJWs telling me what to read? In any event, that should certainly suffice to demonstrate what sort of playing field they have established there. It’s an interesting sort of business plan that revolves around marketing only to the left side of the political spectrum.

Of course, they’re not alone. Consider the open source projects that have also been converged. As I have written, keep them out, or they’ll eventually kick you out.

But what these actions demonstrate is weakness and what they represent is opportunity. Every company that is converged is handing a competitor the opportunity to FoxNews them. Whether it is Mozilla or Wikipedia or Goodreads, the eventual outcome is clear: they will go the way of CNN as soon as a non-SJW competitor appears.